The Solemn Man

His is solitude, soft drizzle at night
That cools the leaves and soothes the boughs,
Cloaked in solemn blue, eyes shine in moonlight,
He is the breeze that rids my woes.

His is beauty, skin of alabaster,
Ivory strands above his brow,
Icy blue eyes make my heart beat faster,
To love him true, I make this vow.

His is wisdom, the reassuring speech,
No reason of mine can assail,
In millennia, he has so much to teach,
My enduring love shall prevail.

I Wander

I wander still this forest dark,
No possessions in my name,
Although foreboding air be stark,
My resolve remains the same.

Though thorny vines may wound me
And in the darkness I may bleed,
If failure waits, let it be,
I’ll fail, and fail, till I succeed.

Raven’s Plight

Raven, fleeting, through the night,
What grim horrors toll your flight?
From what darkness stems your fright?
Does thy master know thy plight?

Perch yourself on bust of palace,
Relate to me your tale of malice,
Or does thy master forbid thee speak
lest you be known for what you seek?

But you, black bird, you herald death,
Nothing divine flows from your breath,
It is I who cowers in fright,
It is I who pales at your sight.

Does thy master know of your fear?
What can he know if he cannot hear?
Fly back from whence ye came, wretched bird!
And speak not, not a single word.

Raven, fleeting, through the night,
Most grim horrors toll your flight,
Even darkness is at fright,
Your poor master drowns in plight.

Sapphire Book of First Love


Pitter-patter, I heard the downpour
Of Heaven’s tears, revealed her ardor,
When lightning struck the lake down below,
‘Tis the Alpha, before me and lo!
Stirred the tides and the waves of fervor.


Of him, the first, I ran in pursuit
Across the ice field, merely barefoot,
A house of tomes, finally, I see
Sapphire book in solemn library,
This, I was sure, was love absolute.


Oh, how could Heaven understand me?
My love is blue and not the fiery
Arrows that stir the passions of men,
The red heart of love from way back when
Is foreign to me, so let it be.


From his fountain of wisdom, I crave
Liquid of love he most scarcely gave,
Lips to breathe to me blue breath of life.
Elusive sapphire book of my life!
Pray thee, kiss me, from cradle to grave!